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Signs are one of the best tools a business can use to communicate with the public. So, having attention-grabbing signs is always a smart move for any company. And when it comes to high-quality signs that work, there’s nothing quite as impressive as the classic channel letters.

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Channel letters are 3D cutouts of letters, words, or pictures. These pieces of graphics can be designed in lots of remarkable ways. With Milwaukee Sign Company, you can make them in any shape, color, texture, or size to match your preferences. We’re specialists in making Pell Lake channel letters that are highly durable and genuinely top-of-the-line.

If you need a sign for your business and want to use one that you know can satisfy you, channel letters are what we recommend. They’re like the perfect everyday outfit – simple yet always stylish, making your business look sophisticated and high-class. Whether you run a long-time business or you’re just starting, we’ve got you covered. We’ll handle everything, from manufacturing and designing to installation and repair.

From signs that stay clean and simple to ones that remain bright at night, any channel sign you want, Milwaukee Sign Company can make it a reality. We’re a signage shop that many clients trust, and we’re here to make your sign goals come true!

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Storefront Channel Letters

Channel letters are often used to spell out important details like company names, logos, and slogans. Their clean and professional appearance makes them a great storefront sign. They are even incorporated with electronic lighting to boost their visibility till nighttime.

Custom Channel Letter SignAs your signage company, we will bring all the tools and skills needed to get the personalized Pell Lake channel letters that suit your needs perfectly. We don’t do easy-made, generic signs. We want to be able to truly use the ideas you have to make the best products.

We also offer different ways to attach channel letters to your building’s front. One option is using a raceway, which holds the letters and attaches to the wall. It makes installation faster. Another choice is attaching each letter directly to the surface. It generally looks better but takes more installation time.

Any business, from shops and eateries to schools and factories, can use channel letters. It’s really difficult to mess up a channel letter. Because they have a universal look, they easily work well in nearly any design situation. As expected, many businesses choose channel letters to represent their storefronts.

Dimensional Letters

Channel letters and dimensional letters are both 3D signs. The difference is that the former is hollow, while the latter is solid through and through.

Storefront SignDimensional letters also offer a virtually endless list of customization options. Depending on your taste, they can come in all thickness levels, color palettes, and images. They can come in various materials, including copper, aluminum, brass, metal, copper, plastic, foam, and stainless steel.

On the other hand, how you light a dimensional letter sign is different from lighting up channel letters, which is done by putting electronic lighting inside them. Dimensional letters are illuminated by proper placement of lighting outside the sign. You can do backlighting, front lighting, and other ways according to your goals.

We can help you identify the right material, lighting, and specifications for your dimensional letters. Just tell us your ideas, goals, budget, and other important information, especially the time of business you run. But don’t worry because dimensional letters work great for virtually all types of businesses, whether you run a mall, retail store, accommodation business, or corporate office.

Backlit & Illuminated Channel Signs

In their regular simple forms, channel letters and dimensional letters can already stand up well and proud. However, there are still many ways to boost their effectiveness as visual tools.

Lighted SignYou can boost the power of your letter signs by using various forms of lighting, such as front lighting, backlighting, open lighting, halo lighting, or internal lighting. You can let your creativity run wild as you explore our catalog of lighting choices for the channel and dimension letters we offer.

We can create the best-lighted letters for you. Of course, this will be based on your budget, style preferences, branding, and other important factors. You can expect great changes to your marketing, considering that lighted letter signs can be used 24/7 with state-of-the-art LED technology from our Pell Lake, WI sign company.

So, if your business stays open at night, light up your restaurant, hotel, diner, and other similar businesses in a way that only lighted letter signs can do. This is a great investment that any business can take advantage of.

Free Channel Letter Sign Consultation

Pell Lake Channel Letters milwaukee generic logo 300x150If you’re contemplating ways to give your business a fresh new look, you’re in for a treat with Milwaukee Sign Company‘s Pell Lake channel letters and dimensional letters. Our experts are all set to assist you. All you need to do is call us, and we will show you how our products can improve your business.

Our signage experts, engineers, and project managers will be there for you through every step of the signage production process. We are ready to be your long-term partner in all your signage and graphics goals.

Call Milwaukee Sign Company today at (414) 206-6733 for your Free Consultation with a Pell Lake Channel Letter expert!