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Somers Monument Signs


Are you running a school, hospital, or any formal institution? Maybe your company shares a multi-tenant area with many businesses? Get top-quality Somers monument signs only at Milwaukee Sign Company!

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Our top-tier sign company creates industry-caliber signs and graphics with impressive skill, professionalism, and dedication. We can design, create, and install signs of all types, even heavy-duty monument signs, regardless of your business type, budget, style, branding, or business goals.

You can be sure that we’ll use only the best materials from trusted suppliers, whether your monument sign will be made of cement, stone, brick, or metal. They will effectively represent your brand and stand as charismatic as a landmark for your business.

Indeed, if you want your business to have a significant marketing impact, attractive storefront signs are key. And when it comes to storefront signs, a classic and sturdy monument sign is among the best choices. These tall pillars stand out wherever they’re placed, giving you a massive boost when it comes to pure visibility.

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An Impressive Entrance

How a business looks when you first see it can affect how many customers it gets. If they don’t like how it looks, they might choose to go to another place that seems more professional, high-quality, or focused on what they offer. And no business wants that.

Somers Monument Signs monument sign client 300x231Therefore, our goal with our monument signs is to make them attractive and catch people’s attention so they pick you once they see your storefront.

Whether you pick aluminum, concrete, marble, brick, or stone as the main material of your monument sign, we’ll make sure it will be designed to make people take a second look at your business. For example, places like hospitals and universities typically go for a classic and elegant look.

We suggest putting names and info on the sign itself. But if you want a modern feel, we have digital message centers with LED screens to show images. This upgrade makes your monument sign visible at night, staying dynamic and attractive 24/7.

Multi-Tenant Monument Signs

Tenant Monument Sign

One of the common groups of customers we serve with monument signs is multi-tenancy, or places where many businesses share one area or building. In such cases, the names and logos of the businesses are shown from the top of the sign to the bottom, so even the ones inside the building can be seen from outside.

Malls, offices, and industrial parks are some spots that often use monument signs. Many add lights so the sign can be seen all day, especially if some businesses are open at night. Also, a common choice for such clients is putting the monument sign near the road where it can be seen more clearly.

For a powerful upgrade, you can even ask us to add digital displays to your sign. This way, you can use animations and videos to spread your message around town.

Custom Signs for Every Budget

Monument signs are designed to be tough. Only the strongest raw materials available are used to create such signs as a standard. This can sometimes make them a bit more expensive compared to other types of signs.

Somers Monument Signs monument sign acrylic sign Metso client e1641582758278 300x230But our Somers, WI sign company will do everything to ensure your investment in your monument sign will be worth it! These signs can outlast many parts of your building.

Rest assured, our Somers monument signs are top-quality and built to endure. And we always strive to offer them at the most reasonable prices.

No worries if you’re on a tight budget. Just share your ideas and preferences with us, and we’ll come up with the best solutions for you. Once you give the thumbs up to the plan, we’ll dive right into bringing your sign to life!

Free Monument Sign Consultation

Somers Monument Signs milwaukee generic logo 300x150Elevate your business’s entire marketing power with durable and captivating Somers monument signs by Milwaukee Sign Company, a top signage company. We want to truly transform your business into a recognizable landmark with this type of potent sign, whether you want a simple, traditional stone pillar or a modern, digital artwork.

Are you curious about how we can boost your business’s marketing? Our sign company is excited to share past success stories with you so you can get inspiration and tell you how we can help you.

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